Monday, December 22, 2008

The Willys - Part II

Like my compadre, Leland, work has taken it's toll this year. Even with me making the utmost effort to stay on top of things, many an album fell through the cracks...While there are countless others I could list, here are some albums I wish I had "bent an ear to". (and my apologies for ending a sentence with a preposition - but who says, "albums to which I had bent an ear"?)

Albums I Wish I Had Bought
(so, I could have an opinion)

Black Mountain – In the Future

These cats rock on down the mountain. I think I will pick this up before New Years. I tend to steer clear of Jagujaguar bands (it's a label with a bunch of weirdness on it), but I have a 7" of theirs that even Whitney was digging on (by that I mean I was allowed to keep listening...).

Kaiser Chiefs – Off With Their Heads

I've already spoken of this album in a previous post. I've heard a handful of their songs off this one, and it may be some of their better stuff courtesy of Mark Ronson behind the board. Again, check out "Never Miss a Beat", and maybe we'll go get this one together!

Bloc Party - Intimacy

So, I have yet to listen to anything Bloc Party since Silent Alarm short of a remix of "The Witch" from the last album. I have heard nothing but the song "Misery" (is that even the name?). With songs back when like "Like Eating Glass" and "Hellacopter", I'm not sure I want to hear the newer stuff.

The Walkmen – You and Me

Never owned any Walkmen albums, but I almost bought this one. I'm never quite sure what I think of the singer's interesting delivery...This one got good reviews, and I like "The Blue Route". Could be on my after Christmas InSound order....

TV On the Radio – Dear Science

Well this album is #1 or #2 in almost every list I see. Yet, I am still reluctant. I have their 1st 2 albums, and like this one they were on all the best of year lists...They're most certainly talented people, but maybe just not my style. I love "Wolf Like Me" off Return to Cookie Mountain, and "Golden Age" off this one is a winner. Agree to disagree...

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals – Cardinology

Just really lacking the motivation for this one...Talk about no self-editing mechanism....I celebrate the guys entire collection, but I just wonder if he's got anything new to tell me? "Fix It" was not the lead single I would have put out there...I'm gonna go listen to Cold Roses...

Mates of State – Re-Arrange Us

My favorite husband wife duo! They're like a modern day Captain and Tenille! I just bricked on this one. Critics says it wasn't thee best, but I think I'll eventually break down. Whitney and I both enjoy "My Only Offer".

Women – Women

What is this? Two Jagujaguar bands that I wish I had bought? I must be losing my mind...and they're Canadian! eww! Then again they have some Pavement moments....

Lykke Li – Youth Novels

This little Scandinavian popper sounds like the best thing since Robyn! You know how I love Scandinavian pop - I'm a huge sucker! Granted she has a more Gem sound with the occasional Lily Allen moment, except I think she's got more talent than those 2 without a doubt..

School of Seven Bells - Alpinisms

Ben Curtis' new venture after leaving one of my favs, Secret Machines...Only listened to a couple songs, but I just want to know where all those SM hooks went - I believe you'll find it here (wink).

The Knux - Remind Me in Three Days...

Ahhh, non-mainstream rap. This two guys appear intriguing. I have heard nothing and know nothing. Anyone else have any input?

The Hold Steady - Stay Positive

Not a Craig Finn fan (hold your horses!), but at least THS put out a song I at least could tolerate ("Sequestered In Memphis"). It should be an automatic download or anyone with anything to do with that town. It appears to be great Midtown action. Their show at the Hi-Tone last spring must have been coupled with a very harassing interview with some Memphis Flyer hussy. Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes! (Midtown is Memphis! Belvedere, REPRESENT !!!!)

Well, that's it - I could list these all day...I'm glad I didn't buy the new Of Montreal, Deerhunter, any of the Crystal Castle/Antlers, Beach House, blah blah blah stuff. I've heard enough from those camps, so sorry every magazine/pundit out there....

Anything out there that you guys wish you had checked out and didn't?


Honorable Mentions, Almosts, and Nice Trys...


Leland said...

I am afraid that I can only comment about one choice: Bloc Party. Loved the first album, second album was OK, this album not so great.

The only bright spot is "Signs," which is really just an OK song whose stock rose exponentially when played during Bart's "hold-me" moment on Gossip Girl a few weeks ago. It was a magical moment only Josh Schwartz and Chop Shop Music could create.

A said...

Can i join the group "i used to be young and hip and spent most of my extra money on cd's" on facebook . . .

will, your lists are fantastic. i agree with you on RA, but would trade him for Jenny Lewis on my biggest dissapoitments/wish i woulda lists. that's a bummer acid tongue was no good . . .

i was telling a friend of mine the other day that my year end list (of cd's released and purchased in 2008) would look like this:

1)DCFC - Narrow Stairs
2)RA - Cardinology

Will said...

Jenny's Acid Tongue was pretty alright...just not as cool as having a "Rabbit Fur Coat"...