Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome To the Fray...

"Get it out there, Miles. Get it in Libraries."
Welcome, Leland to the downfall of free time. I'll see you out there...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jon Voight Calls Him an Obama-nation...

(had to remove the article from the WASHINGTON TIMES, blurg!)

WOW, so
THAT's how he feels......a little extreme for my taste, but.......Just curious Barack (or Barry as you were once known), what kind of carbon footprint did your unnecessary euro jaunt leave on the world (seeing as it was by private jet I'm sure that we as Americans paid for - not me, but campaign contributors). I could care less about your carbon footprint, but your supporters should. I'm not sure if they do, as the blind eye was turned. 32% of Germans in a recent poll stated that they hate us. 61% said that we are headed for a crumble like Babylon and Rome before us (only to be usurped by China). Hurray! Great ideas BO, I just want to see these plans. All I ever hear are..."Actually, Tom, Wolf, Anderson, Tim, I've got a plan that will __________lower taxes, end the war, find jobs, stimulate the economy,....etc". What are those plans? OH, that's a secret. GWB was way under qualified to run the US, and at least he had run something else into the ground before. Obama has never been in charge of anything (being a senator puts you in charge of nothing BTW). At the end of the day, IS THIS REALLY THE BEST WE HAVE GOT!!!?!?????!!! In our whole freaking country, McCain and Obama are the best we can come up with?

God, help us.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go Out On a School Night...

So, I pretty much hate (almost as much as I hate CitySearch). Leave it to citysearch to tell you that the best steak in town is at Outback and the best burger is at Burger King. Thanks. Yelp never tells me anything. Even worse, when I already know the place I'm looking for - finding it on Yelp can be such a headache. Furthermore, Yelp becomes a facebook wall/ msg board where everyone whines and moans at each other about what the other said about "that one time I went here and I had my friend in town and I was so embarassed and I'll never go back and Tom C. can die for what he said about their margaritas"........What? Just NO filter. I digress. Sneaky Sunday is here to save me. It has been around for a couple years as a Beta and has grown a great deal. I'm pretty sure it was started by Vandy guys from Atl. (only b/c K.C. told me about it back in the day, and I thought...what?) Nevertheless, it doesn't mess with the fluff of those other engines. It says here are the top 5 or 6 places that we think are the best _____ in your city. period. They are merely opinions, and people will disagree but deal with it. The site is clean and modern. Nothing clunky here (better update your Flash player - kidding). At the end of the day the message is simple, get out of the house no matter the night. Sneak out this Sunday for whatever, and let these boys show you the way home.

Man...........I used to love school nights. Wed. night Trifecta I'll miss you always....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OUCH !!!

Partie Traumatic
Pitchfork handed out their infamous (and dreaded) 0.0 rating today to the new release by Jacksonville DIY band, Black Kids. They had a song (self-released) that I loved last year ("I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You"). Oh, think your SO it is in all it's glory. It's almost as good as their review of the last Jet album.

Black Kids:
Partie Traumatic

[Almost Gold/Columbia; 2008]
Rating: 0.0
everybody makes mistakes...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two For Tuesday

Well are more tunes including an mp3 to the RIAA is going to finally have the evidence they need to add to the data they've been building for years to finally get me on RICO statutes.....Sopranos what? Sub Pop is my favorite indie label, and they are a subsidiary of Hardley Art Records. They have some good bands, but one is getting some big attention as of late so have a listen - it's OK -> The Dutchess and the Duke. Nomo (not Hideo) 's new release is getting all the love on the blogs, and pitchfork finally reviewed it today - 8.~ something. It's like acid jazz....I'll be honest, I don't know what acid jazz is. Have a great week everyone. Go BUY some music (read: The Hold Steady's new album). I can't, bc I'm broke as a joke.

Nomo - "My Dear" from Ghost Rock

The Dutchess and the Duke - "Reservoir Park" from She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke

and here some xtra's! (I mentioned Abe last week)

Abe Vigoda - "Skeleton"

Dr. Dog - "Hang On"

No Mp3s b/c I can't figure out how to upload them....apparently I can't.... :(

Here is one of my favorite songs for a few laughs. Rife, this is for you.
(Bill Murray):

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two for Tuesday (Wednesday)

Well, big release week for Billito....Albert Hammond, Jr., The Black Ghosts, Beck, Abe Vigoda (no, not the actor - the No Age-esque band from LA) etc.

Here are some ritmos y cantos!

Beck - "Gamma Ray" from Modern Guilt

Bloc Party - "Mercury" from and their forthcoming album

and stuff you may have missed.....

Hope some of you savvy readers have gotten Fleet Foxes (on vinyl preferably, ha!). I hadn't posted about them, b/c Callen usurped me on her blog detailing my purchase of the album etc . (thank you, Callen from Fleet Foxes, as you have many more onlookers than me) Nevertheless, one of my favorites of the year, this record has been in Whitney's car since we got it a month ago (even though she mainly listens to NPR...) I refer to them as My Morning Shins (the jacket + the shins). Listen, you'll hear it, too. Some of it sounds like Allison Krauss' song from O Brother Where Art Thou leading the Baptist congregation/ Lotus Eaters into the river for baptism. Crazy.

Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal" - their current single

Fleet Foxes - "Your Protector" - my favorite