Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Somebody Told Me...

...that you were a Muslim" (the new Killers song ~ sic....). The Muslims are my favorites of the moment (next to the band in the next paragraph). They have an EP available from InSound. It is retro-garage rock - my favorite! The album is white with bullet holes (literally). They are from San Diego, and I'm pretty sure they're not muslim - shocker. They veer from The Black Lips to Velvet Underground. Worth a listen if you like that garage sound. Check out "Bright Side" or "Extinction".

Un autre fois...

You yo-yo's STILL need to check out Little Joy (Fabrizio's side project) - THEY ARE GREAT! While it does not break through any walls, it's just completely enjoyable to listen to. The presence of Bikini Shapiro's back-up vocals on various songs lock it up! (she sounds just like Regina Spektor). It is flat out chill, and comes with my "stamp of approval". I'll venture to say that it easily trumps bandmate Albert Hammond Jr.'s latest effort (and he's my favorite Stroke). It's a must for those of you that obsess over the movie, "ONCE". See video below:

Little Joy - Next Time Around

Tell me that is NOT the HEAT!?!

You know what else is very dandy (that I refused to give a chance b/c of previous transgressions)? The Kaiser Chiefs' new album - "Off With Their Heads". Their 1st single back in 2005, "I Predict a Riot", was fun Clash rip-off. Their 2nd album was such a flop-fest that I wrote them off. Enter Mark Ronson to go all Amy Winehouse and give them some focus. He produces Lily Allen covering their song, "Oh No". Ronson then decides to produce their new album. Result = a good album - finally! Check it out if you like the song, "Never Miss a Beat".

BTW - Titans lost, Vandy lost and MBA lost - CRAP !!!