Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Willys - Part VII

Twice in 1 day, children
papa's got to make up for Friday.
Here begineth the rest of the Top 10...


8. Black Keys - Attack and Release

1st off I hate Ohio. Nevertheless, these Ohio natives are A-OK with me! Yet another Danger Mouse helmed album that stole my heart. This blues rock duo got down and drrrty for this Attack. While some of their bluesier sounds were sacrificed for some grungy 60's via Seattle sound, the end result is still fantastic. "Strange Times" is nothing strange, but shows the vacation from their stripped down sound on this album. It may be scorn early BK lovers, but they're still the same band you fell in love with.

7. Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs

Much like Ohio, I have never been a fan of Death Cab. I know. It's right up there with Alex's heretic comment about Radiohead. You've all done it. That hot band that everyone embraces to the point that it makes you want to puke and the only way to rebel is to say, "No thanks". In 1994, it was Counting Crows and Hootie. In the '00s (that's pronounced ~ oughts), it has been Ben Gibbard and Co. It's not that I don't respect their music/talent (it's there), I just wanted no part of the hype. Narrow Stairs has come off like the end of the world for hardcore cabbies. Well guess what? I LIKE IT! Benny boy takes his mopey self and adds some "old" Seattleness rather than the droning new school of Shins and Band of Horses (another band - I loathe - here comes the hatemail - and I know they're from NM and SC, respectively - not Seattle). "Cath" f-ing rocks, while "No Sunlight" is a power pop anthem of AC Newman/New Pornographer proportions. What can I say...? It will "Possess Your Heart".

6. Blitzen Trapper - Furr

These cats are cool as grits. They sure like to have fun, and it translates to their music. They sound as if they could be a Phil Lesh offshoot of the Dead. "Furr" is them all stripped down for a mountain jam ala Fleet Foxes. Heck, just listen to the whole album. It sounds like a 70's rock revival (and I don't even like most 70's rock) see: "Sleepytime In the Western World".

5. The Muslims - (s/t)

The words escape my lips. Much like my eargasm/obsession that began last Winter with Vampire Weekend, the Muslims (now The Soft Pack) appear poised to steal my heart into 2009. They rock with the swagger of the Black Lips but take it into 5th gear. "Extinction" is the heat along with "Call It a Day" and "Beside Myself". Unless you bought this long before I blogged about it back when, you are plum out of luck until February when the 2nd pressing comes out...Get it fast!!!! If they come anywhere near your town, you owe to yourself to check them out. I'd put this closer to the top, but it isn't even a full album....

The Top of the Pops