Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Somebody Told Me...

...that you were a Muslim" (the new Killers song ~ sic....). The Muslims are my favorites of the moment (next to the band in the next paragraph). They have an EP available from InSound. It is retro-garage rock - my favorite! The album is white with bullet holes (literally). They are from San Diego, and I'm pretty sure they're not muslim - shocker. They veer from The Black Lips to Velvet Underground. Worth a listen if you like that garage sound. Check out "Bright Side" or "Extinction".

Un autre fois...

You yo-yo's STILL need to check out Little Joy (Fabrizio's side project) - THEY ARE GREAT! While it does not break through any walls, it's just completely enjoyable to listen to. The presence of Bikini Shapiro's back-up vocals on various songs lock it up! (she sounds just like Regina Spektor). It is flat out chill, and comes with my "stamp of approval". I'll venture to say that it easily trumps bandmate Albert Hammond Jr.'s latest effort (and he's my favorite Stroke). It's a must for those of you that obsess over the movie, "ONCE". See video below:

Little Joy - Next Time Around

Tell me that is NOT the HEAT!?!

You know what else is very dandy (that I refused to give a chance b/c of previous transgressions)? The Kaiser Chiefs' new album - "Off With Their Heads". Their 1st single back in 2005, "I Predict a Riot", was fun Clash rip-off. Their 2nd album was such a flop-fest that I wrote them off. Enter Mark Ronson to go all Amy Winehouse and give them some focus. He produces Lily Allen covering their song, "Oh No". Ronson then decides to produce their new album. Result = a good album - finally! Check it out if you like the song, "Never Miss a Beat".

BTW - Titans lost, Vandy lost and MBA lost - CRAP !!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to ME! (yes, Me!)

Yesterday was the big 29....Therefore, I celebrate my 1st of 364 Un-Birthdays today.
Thank you all for your Birthday wishes etc via txt, Facebook, and Cellphones.
A very merry un-birthday to you all!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yes They Did....

Well, the election was called at 11:00 ish on Tuesday night, and at 9:00 on Wednesday night this episode aired. I'm sorry for multiple South Park posts, but like I said - these guys sure can pull a quick commentary (they even have the line about the girl's new dog for the White House...).

It's a spin on Ocean's Eleven with McCain and Obama in cahoots all along....It is only viewable until this coming Wednesday, so have a look while you can. It mocks both sides of the fence perfectly- crazy, jubilant Obama fans looking to party down with no consequence and suicidal Republicans calling it the end of the world.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hope Your Weekend Is Absolutely Fab(rizio) !!!

While my favorite boys, The Strokes, are still on hiatus until next year, the various players are all doing their own thing. Rhythm guitarist, Albert Hammond, Jr. has put out 2 albums since the last Strokes record to much acclaim. Nickolai Fraiture, the bass player's, side project has no appeal for me. Lead guitarist, Nick Valensi, has been growing his hair out even further. Lead singer, Julian Casablancas, has made a commercial/song for Converse with Pharell and Santogold. This week saw the release of two albums featuring drummer Fabrizio Moretti (girls, you remember him as Drew Barrymore's former flame). Little Joy is Fab's side project named for their corner bar. Also released this week, was Fab's group, Megapuss with Devendra Banhart (again girls, yo know him as Natalie Portman's flavor of the week). Where most side-projects are regularly dismissable, these two are worth a listen. So, bend an ear to the albums: Little Joy - "Little Joy" and Megapuss - "Surfing".

That poster at the top was the flyer from the 1st time I saw the Strokes at 328 Performance Hall (RIP!) in the Fall of 2001. It hangs in the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC. Here they are performing the song that made it all happen for me in September 2001, when I saw it on tv at the cabin we rented in the mountains of GA. Enjoy!

I'm going to go all Whitney (by that I mean Interrogative).
They are MY favorite group.
Who is YOUR favorite group?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



What Election's Have Become

The week before the election in 2004, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, offered their usual crude, twisted commentary on whatever the current events may be. While most people scoff and look the other way at South Park, I am forever amazed at their ability to make a very intelligent statement (albeit completely offensive) about something that might have just occurred days before their episode airs. Even though I frequently say it about many episodes, the election episode was/is a classic. Here's the gist:

(please don't be offended)
The mascot for South Park Elementary had long been the Cows. The people of PETA step in and demand that they change their mascot. The school decides to take nominations for what the new mascot will be. As nominations come in, the boys decide to nominate something completely ridiculous as a joke. Dissent begins amongst the boys as to what it should be. Eric wants the mascot to be a Turd Sandwich, while Kyle thinks a Giant Douche is much funnier (thus begins the offending). The school holds an election to help settle the division in the school. At the center of it all, is Stan, who is unsure why he should even vote/participate in such a frivolous exercise. When he asks his parents why it's important to vote, they simply fight over which candidate is better. Soon Puff Daddy arrives in town to enforce his Vote or Die campaign, literally. Stan is hunted by Diddy and his entourage getting shot at, b/c he refuses to vote. The two campaigns use scare tactics and bribes to sway students to their cause ("Would your vote be swayed with perhaps a.....butterscotch candy? Or perhaps..................another butterscotch candy?")
A great moment occurs when Kyle finally convinces Stan of the importance of voting, and Stan decides to vote. When Kyle sees Stan fill out his ballot and mark Turd Sandwich (not the candidate Kyle supports) - HE GOES BALLISTIC!

Kyle - Wait, what are you doing?
Stan - I'm voting.
Kyle - But you wrote down Turd Sandwich
Stan - Yeah, I know.
Kyle - Dude, you're supposed to mark Giant Douche.
Stan - I thought I was supposed to make my own decision?
Kyle - Yeah, but not if your decision is for Turd Sandwich! What the hell is wrong with you!
Stan - You didn't want me to vote! You wanted me to vote for your guy!

Stan then tears up his ballot. So often the "get out the vote" cry is the "get out and vote - BUT ONLY FOR MY GUY". Stan is then banished from the town for failing to vote. An extremely sick sequence takes place for the next 5-10 min about Stan going to live on the PETA ranch that I won't get into. As Stan decides to return to South Park to vote. They all ask, "did you realize the importance of voting?". He says, "I realized that I better get used to voting for either a douche or a turd sandwich, b/c it's likely the only choice I'll have."

It is episode 8 of Season 8 or episode 119. You can watch it at for free (along with all the episodes).

So, get out and vote today for a douche or a turd, b/c in today's world you have to be a douche or a turd to get that far in politics.

"and my I remind you that a vote for Turd Sandwich is a vote for change"
- Eric Cartman

Sunday, November 2, 2008

All the President's Men

Tonight, I'm watching one of my favorite movies on TCM - "All the President's Men". I own the commemorative special edition 20th anniversary etc. edition on 2-disc DVD. It's sitting 8 feet away from me, but I am still watching it on TV. Whitney and I are notorious for this practice of watching movies we own on TV. Regardless, it's a classic. If you have not seen, go watch it, then shoot yourself for not seeing it until now. It's the movie based on the book of the same name by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein that blew the doors off the Watergate burglary in the 1970's. I mean we are talking about "Deep Throat" here, the secret informant of Bob Woodward that went unnamed on "deep background" for his strories in the Washington Post. The movie is full of icons with Redford as Woodward, Hoffman as Bernstein, Hal Holbrook as Deep Throat, and my favorite, Jason Robards, as Washington Post editor, Ben Bradlee. I love a good scandal, and I know you do, too. This was one the biggest ever. What a flick!!!

If you are bored on the internet just get on wikipedia and read all about G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt, Bob Haldeman, Chuck Colson and John Mitchell. You can learn all about Watergate and bigger scandals like Hunt's involvement with LBJ and Kennedy's assassination. History buffs unite!

Thunder and Lightning

The Tennessee Titans roll on! They have had their way with the Colts and the Packers in less than a week. With a dominating defense and a relatively mistake-free offense, the boys in baby blue have blasted their way to 8-0. They are the last undefeated team, and I think they will be in Tampa facing the Giants for the Super Bowl. The secret to their success (besides the defense and mistake-free offense) is their running game. Lendale White is their butterball battering ram and the Sawyer's neighbor. He is THUNDER. When you need the short hard yards, he's our man. On the other hand, Chris Johnson runs a sub 4.2 second 40-yard dash. The fastest man in the draft last year and the Titans' 1st pick has sliced through defenses like a knife through sashimi. He is LIGHTNING. When you have Thunder & Lightning, you best run for cover.

Why I am Voting Democrat

(feel free to fast forward 2 min in to the 5:45/7:00 mark to see some actual truths among this farce)

I'm voting Democrat because...

Nevermind....I'm not
I hate Barney Frank...
The mortgage issue Fannie/Freddie blah blah was caused by greedy banks, greedy Americans, and ignored by Democarats 6 yrs ago in Congress when the prospect of what happened this year in our economy was presented by Republicans as a likely future...
I fear a Filibuster-proof Senate more than anything concerning our government. At the same time, I would not want it the other way - with over 60 Republican Senators with a Republican White House. Our government is one of Checks & Balances. We are likely looking at a Congress/President scenario that gives free reign - and THAT scares me....