Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Willys - Part III

Sometimes, you have to just cut yourself off....Some of these could be in the Top 20 tomorrow, and out of my mind and in the garbage the next day....Nevertheless, today - these are the ones that fell short....

Honorable Mentions, Almosts, and Nice Trys...

Los Campesinos – Hold On Now, Youngster

These Welsh peasants (I think that is what that means in Spanish?) scream and yell but in a good way. They're of the same vein as Architecture in Helsinki except the music does not sound like kids music...it's like if Black Kids were as hip as they thought they were - "Death To Los Capesinos" is a gooder!

Hercules and Love Affair – (s/t)

Ask me tomorrow and this may be in the Top 20 - I waver! It is a great dance record. Anything by DFA is good to groove to and "Blind" is a single of the year everywhere. I'm a "Theme from Hercules and Love Affair" guy, though...

No Age - Nouns

One of my favorite mysteries of the year, Nouns is from my boys at Sub Pop Records. I have this on vinyl, so it necessitates listening to the whole album and not skipping around. It truly is a beautiful mess. It may be so good and over my head that I can't comprehend it. Go with "Eraser" or "Teen Creeps" - Honestly, it's over all our heads.

Chairlift – Does You Inspire You?

"I try to do handstands fooooor yooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" This iPod Nano commercial staple is always fun to sing in our house. I managed to get past the "Evident Utensil" to embrace "Bruises".

She and Him – Volume 1

Whitney knows I have been intrigued with Zooey Deschanel since Almost Famous. Too bad Whitney hates her, but she is also slightly/secretly intrigued. She and M. Ward's collaboration is very ambitious, and would be in my Top 20 if it weren't for their Beatles sacrilege of covering it Hawaiian/Don Ho style. "Why Would You Let me Stay Here" is a classic!

Megapuss - Surfing

Devendra Banhart....love/hate - The retro vibe on this one pulls me through. It breaks no barriers and achieves nothing new, but it has fun with itself. This is just some friends goofing off. It shows, but it's fun. "Gun on My Hip and a Rose on My ____" is laced with swears, but it is coooool.

The Kills – Midnight Boom

This American/UK duo rocks the Lo-fi garage rock. They've added an almost danceability to their sound....THAT is what keeps them out of my 20. It's good, but I miss the old Kills..."Cheep and Cheerful" is the new sound....."Good Ones" is some good ol Kills.

The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age of the Understatement

I love Arctic Monkeys plain and simple. Since this is Alex Turner's side project with his Brit buddy, I have no choice! Granted it all sounds like Roger Moore era Bond soundtracks, but I dig it. Live and let die!!!!! Check out - "Standing Next to Me"

The Dodos – Visiter

This is the Iron & Wine for '08, since Sam didn't put out an album this year. Very chill and folksy and excellent to chill to. Nick Drake fans? Maybe give it a whirl! They're no Nick Drake, and that is why they're not in the 20. "Fools" is for you!

Nice try, guys! Maybe next year!

Tomorrow: The Beginning of the Top 20


A said...

will, i am impressed with your year-end lists and surprised there are no comments!!!(chk chk chk)

i've only heard Los Campensino via the Hood Internet (The Year This Club Broke changed my Fall) but I'm gonna see them in Bham in a few weeks!