Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Willys - Part IV

Here is the beginning of my Top 20 - I hope I don't change my mind too much....


20. Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

Greg Gillis is a mash-up mad man. I can only imagine what fun a Girl Talk show is....If you have never heard any of his work, just download 1 song off this album and see what a crazy mess it is. I still can't believe the lawsuits have not come pouring in. When you combine 20 songs to make a 3:00 song - it is impressive. For sheer effort, this madness makes the 20. "Set It Off" is worth a listen.

19. Vivian Girls - (s/t)

What can I say? I am a sucker for many things and music. Riot Grrls/Indie rock chicks: check! Though they sound like they're singing/droning out of a drainage pipe with Jesus & Mary Chain's wall of sound backing them up, they can rock my garage any day...."Tell the World" is their main gun.

18. Ra Ra Riot – The Rhumb Line

While it seems to be coming a habit for groups to have random girls playing random instruments in their band, it works for the Riot. I'm pretty sure that's a cello I hear. Whatever.
This was the best album on Barsuk's label this year. Good indie pop rock with sad undertones of a lost bandmate, just as they came on the scene. I'm sure he's looking down and proud. Check "Ghost Under Rocks" for a sample.

17. Kings of Leon – Only By the Night

Well let's be honest...if these cats were not from my hometown, they probably wouldn't have made this list. They've long hung up the strokes sound and sold their soul for U2 arena styles. Bad moooove for Will. Good move for them? I miss the Aha Shake Heartbreak, but will learn to embrace the "Sex on Fire". That was a pumping good single (piss poor lyrics) that opened doors for them. Let's just say the August 2007 show at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston was mild compared to the October 2008 Orpheum show. This year the balcony nearly came unhinged with revelry (security had to enlist a "no jumping/dancing policy"). Too bad they play the SAME setlist EVERY night - Boring! Live this album sounds 1000x better, and that's what brings it home. "Use Somebody" is a classic song live. Just not sure if the Kings are wearing their crowns right......?

Tomorrow: 16-13