Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello Hello Hello

Is there anybody out there?
(besides Allen with a C - my only reader)
Nobody is reading this blog are they? Kitty, are you there?
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - MP3


Callen and Michael Martin said...

Seriously!!! You know other people are reading your blog! Where are all the comments???

Your blog is probably the funniest one I check...

You need a stat counter to count all your hits.

Elizabeth Sloan said...

I'm here....faithfully reading! Blake's jealous because he can't access blogs from work!

A said...

will, i dont know you, but im friends with whitney and went to ECS . . . your blog is funny. im sure there are other anonymous indie-hipsters (note: i am not a indie-hipster) out there that would be sad if your stopped blogging . . . sorry, is this creepy? whitney, can you vouch that im not creepy??

Courtney said...

Don't give up on us Will ... we are here! I enjoy your blog! I know some other friends that read yours through mine ... we are out here listening!

Unknown said...

alex holt, is that you?
my heart be still.

you know i read this blog. there is no need for fact, we might should combine your blogs and my blog, and just have an akin blog...thoughts?

call me.