Sunday, October 5, 2008

Best Weekend Ever

Not Really, but I love Hyperbole.
Nevertheless, this was a decent weekend. On Friday, Whitney and I went to the North End for Giacomo's with Leann & Will from the ECS reunion. I had some excellent shrimp and scallops over linguini with the Giacomo/Fra Diavolo combo sauce. Delicious. We then walked to Caffe Vittoria for coffee, liqour, and gelatto. On top of all that, I didn't have to drive, and Whitney let us take the T. Bless you. OH, did I mention that the Sox won AGAIN in Anaheim.

On Saturday, I went to the Mass Periodontal Society meeting at the Crowne Plaza. I know. Can you imagine the excitement? The speaker was from Charleston...awesome. Until I realized that he was an egotistical Elephant Killer. Literally, the guy showed pictures of his safari and pictures of 3 elephants that they HAD to kill because they attacked them......nice guy. SO, I left at lunch (b/c Vanderbilt had Gameday, and b/c I had Giacomo's left overs). I then watched the DVR of Fulham losing to West Bromwich Albion (the one black-eye of my weekend) and the DVR of Gameday. Awesome. The next couple of hours consisted of me on the couch girating and watching the clock slowly tick towards 6:00 pm and kick-off. Whit made Chicken Chili, and the game began. Down early, Vandy came back and won. Hurray! Still hasn't registered, yet.

Sunday kicked off with sleeping late which I NEVER DO. We had lunch at Zaftig's consisting of my Feta, Tomato, Spinach omelet w/ home fries, rye bread and challah. Challah Back, y'all! We hit Bed, Bath and Beyond for space heaters, tupperware and curtain rods. All in all, pretty wonderful Sunday. Not to mention, the Titans came back and defeated the evil Baltimore Ravens. We filled our time until the Red Sox game with a little Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It's pretty alright. It's kind of like Can't Hardly Wait meets Adventures in Babysitting with a little Scorcese's After Hours. Oh, wait. This is a remake of After Hours? Kind of. It wants to be Juno 2: Bleeker Get's Ready to Go to College. It's not. It does have a tuna canned indie rock soundtrack that I'm sure you'll download and tell all your friends that you knew Bishop Allen before there was a Nick n Norah (I did and you did too if you heeded my requests on this blog for you people to download that you never read or care about - so, I wonder why I even take the time.) ahem! This flick namedrops for street cred like I've never heard: Arlene' s Grocery, the Bowery Ballroom, the Mercury Lounge, insert band here ____. All in all just bring your Purell. That's all I'll say. Whitney wanted to shower after this - not a movie for germaphobes. We are currently topping the night off with some steak fajitas, Red Sox/Angels, and an Amstel Light.
(side Note) Happy Birthday, Blake Sloan. 30 never looked so good (kidding, I know you're 29). War Eagle all you Aubies and have a great week!