Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do the Bartman!

Happy 5 year anniversary to Steve Bartman.
It was 5 yrs ago today, October 14, 2003, the playoffs, Cubs vs. Marlins, the 8th inning, Game 6. Mark Prior had a 3-hit shutout through 7 with 1 out in the 8th for the Cubs up 3-0. Luis Castillo to the plate with 1 out, and the Cubs only 5 outs from the World Series. Castillo with a foul ball down the left field line.....With his little sweatshirt, Bartman , a known headphones aficionado, reached out and took the 2nd out OUT of the outstretched glove of Moises Alou (a Chicago Cub - for whom Bartman was a fan). The ump said NO fan interference. WHAT?!? Castillo went on to draw a walk and was driven in for a score of 3-1 and much worse to come. As the Cubs came to the plate in the bottom of the 8th, they found themselves DOWN 7-3. A 7-run 8th inning set off by superfan, Steve Bartman.

Bartman has never granted an interview and has never returned to Wrigley (he was escorted out). The Cubs have not won a single playoff game since-despite making the playoffs twice since. If you make your way to Wrigley, be sure to stop by the Bartman seat (Section 4, Row 8, Seat 113). Steve-o goes down in the books of curses with the Great Bambino for the Red Sox, the Black Cat crossing the field at Shea Stadium for the Mets, and the Cubs barring of Billy Sianis (sp?) and his billy goat from Wrigley that has cursed the Cubbies for over 95 years. Here's to you Bartman, the poor guy....pour one out for him tonight. GO RED SOX!!!