Thursday, October 9, 2008

Don't Wanna Hurt You...

So, I'm not sure what you guys think about Geico Cavemen, but I love them. I've always loved them. Even the oldest and original commercials make me laugh. I even watched an entire episode of the TV show (did you? clearly no one did - with good reason) I think they played racquetball and Wii. I did laugh once or twice but rather lame. Regardless, the most recent Geico Motorcycle commercial is rocking. As the boys step off their bikes, The Sounds are jamming in the background. The song, "Hurt You", was a hidden jewel off of Dying to Say This to You which came out back in 2006. Much like the cavemen and to a much greater extent, I LOVE Swedish bands. Seeing as they are one of many Swedes I adore, this commercial is a great intersection for me. Here it is followed by some of my Swedish favorites--->

Mando Diao - my favorite Swedish band packs some old school Oasis swagger with some Strokes to boot. Download - "God Knows", "Wildfire", "Before RocknRoll", "Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille"

Sahara Hotnights - The girlfriend of Pelle Almqvist (The Hives lead singer) rocks away with 3 other Swedish filles. Originally quasi punk, the girls turned more "Go-Go" which suited them better anyway. Download - the entire album, Kiss and Tell

The Hives - The Swedish answer to the garage rock revival of 2002 with the strut of the Stones, the swagger of the Stooges, and scream of the Sonics (a lot of S-groups, huh?) Download - "Hate to Say I Told You So", "You Got It All Wrong", "Tick Tick Tick Boom", "Main Offender", "Inspection Wise 1999"

The Sounds - the subject of this post - guy group, girl singer - basically, a swedish Blondie - Download - "Dance with Me", "Song with a Mission", "Hurt You"

The Concretes - another pop/rock group with a female singer (the girl who guested on "Young Folks" by P,B&J). Download - "Can't Hurry Love" (it's not the Supremes song....)

Peter, Bjorn & John - 3 Swedes with a knack for indie pop. Download - the entire album, Writer's Block.

Shout Out Louds - more swedish pop rock driving it home - Download - "Very Loud", "Tonight, I Have to Leave It", "Impossible"

I think I am all Sweded out - Blurgg!


embc said...

I like abba, roxette, ace of base, the cardigans (especially as sung by Andy on the office) and more than any others, the A*Teens. Sweden is awesome! Go Princes Madeleine!


Will said...

ditto, cardigans, abba, and ace of base are AWESOME - "dont turn around!"
roxette is swedish? she's got the look & must have been love were solid
Sweden is a socialist country FULL of guilty pleasures - especially, their POP - let's not forget ROBYN who wants you to "show me love"