Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Wanna Dress You Up In My Love

I was just scouring the interweb looking at clothes. I frequently like to look at clothes and also mock-vaca's on Travelocity, but I never buy anything (b/c I'm broke as a joke)! Here are some of my favorite items from the past 6 months. And yes, I'm not a real man. J. Crew really stepped up their game in the past year. I made my pilgrimage in December to the J. Crew men's store in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. It was a converted Liquor Store to men's shop (above). Speaking of NYC, I would kill to have something from Thom Browne's personal shop (below). On a more approachable level, Gant made shirts for our dads when we were little, but they still are making simple shirts that I love.

ANY Suit from Thom Browne
Gant Shirt from Barneys
Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket from Neiman Marcus and J. Crew
Thomas Mason Oxford Shirt from J. Crew
Classic Sperry TopSider Boat Shoe from ANYWHERE !!!
Asics Onitsuka Rooster/Tiger from ClassicSportsShoes
Prada Driving Loafer from Barneys
Ludlow Suit from J. Crew
Thom Browne Classic Tie from Barneys


Unknown said...

aww honey, is this your way of making a wishlist? want me to send you mine? thought you were busy at school the bny shout out...i think we may have converted you yet...thom browne is the man...not sure about the asics. they are the last thing that you need. i am looking at 3 pairs of your sneakers as i type this...

Unknown said...

ps. i don't like the word sneaker.

A said...

those asics are SWEET!