Thursday, March 18, 2010

Falling Stars

Well, the day started with horrible news, and it kept on coming. Alex Chilton, the lead singer of Big Star, died of an apparent heart attack right on the eve of SXSW. Who is Big Star? They're basically a British Invasion act from the '70's that was really from Memphis. They are part Who and part Kinks (the windmill/power chord of Townsend with the wink in the eye of Ray Davies). You say, "Big deal....never heard 'em?". Well, I bet you have and didn't know it. Go to some music streaming site (i.e. - and stream #1 Record or Radio City. Better yet, go buy the 1992 compilation of the two albums on Stax (oh, Memphis....). I guarantee you will recognize at least one of the songs and say, "Oh.....I have heard them...". They are great. Much like Moby Grape (one of my all time favorite bands), Big Star is a highly revered American rock band in musical circles that your parents probably missed....

Bet you know this one.....for all the wrong reasons :P

(Well, when it rains it pours - Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock..... Oh, and flippin' Vanderbilt lost in the 1st round of the Tourney to Murray St. - Please, Thursday just end already - FML)