Sunday, August 3, 2008

"You Know You Love It - XOXO..."

I am really ashamed that I watch this show. Equally, I'm ashamed that I have a blog. That makes this post a double-whammy....Well, Gossip Girl is one of many shows that I watch, b/c Whitney watches. She is a bit obsessed with Blake Lively and would probably join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantolones if offered (her other fantasy friend is fellow pant-er Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls). While both are GG shows, I never would have watched without Whit. For the record, I am a Chuck Bass fan (Blake Sloan is too - yup he's a GG man also). And as far as Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, I'm a Waldorf (this is crushing my wife's spirit as she reads this). I am also not a Dan fan. He's about as plain as his name (that was the writers intention I'm sure in a land of dutch names and hotel names - Waldorf/Astoria). Though I do like Dan's sister, Jenny, becoming a mini-Blair. I digress. Here is a good little song by The Virgins (that has been mentioned/posted before on this blog) put to some GG clips for your enjoyment (appropriately titled Rich Girls)

On the other end of the spectrum, there are others shows I endure that I have no taste for. Namely, Grey's about a show that has fallen far to the point of "who cares" when it comes to plot. No Interest! Another is One Tree Hill (as for "THE Hills" - I have no problem with that trash. I will eat it up). I never watched the show when it took place in high school. If you're not down with the Tree (or the Hill), they pulled an interesting maneuver that may have better served Zack and Slater back in the day. How do You avoid those "awkward" college years that would be awesome for plot lines? You FFwd in time to the mid-twenties! Ahhhh, way to overshoot your core audience age. Regardless, not interested. The final entry only mildly peaks my interest. Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yikes! Thanks to producer Ryan Seacrest for dumping this in our laps. Talk about people with money for doing nothing. At least 2/3 daughters are quasi attractive. Kim, sorry you're not the most attractive, and yet you're the famous one (I use famous loosely). Trash!

Here are some fun side notes for these shows, too. Blake Lively...oh, she's soooo pretty blah blah. She clearly fell faaaaaar from the tree. You know who her brother is? Rusty from European Vacation. The ugliest of all Griswolds with the exception of his Euro sister Audrey - who was the worst Audrey also and least attractive (RIP, BTW). Family resemblance?

I immediately recognized this nerd one night when I looked up from my studies and saw ol' Minkus on "1 T-Hill" as some guy named Mouth who was moving in with a girl WAY out his league. I could no sooner yell holy Torkelson (or "Boy Meets World") than recognize that mug. I knew you when.

Grey's Anatomy....yeesh. What happened? Dr. Bailey is SO much cuter than she was when the show debuted (hell of an acceptance speech back in the day, too), but I can only think Gnarls Bailey when I see her....

As for the Kartrashians, their Step-Dad, Bruce Jenner (father of another worthless pile of reality tv garbage that collects money, Brodie), looks eerily similar to a certain creepy character....was that him in Hannibal??????????? NO, it was Gary Oldman (Lt Gordon, Dracula, Air Force One etc) in an uncredited role. But it sure looks like Jenner after all that plastic!

While everyone is on hiatus this summer, suck in all the fodder that is being thrown around. i.e. "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow"/"Wipeout" - you may remember it when it was Maximum Extreme Challenge on Spike (Martin's favorite back when).
Labor Day can't come fast enough....come on new seasons!


Elizabeth Sloan said...

I can't comment on OTH, but I HEART GG! Hurry up, September!

Callen and Michael Martin said...

HAI...MAJDE!!!ISAJGS never disappoints...go Justin and Baby Chanel from Trussville, ALABAMA...WHITE. TRASH. LOVE. THEM. need to express my love...when others doubted the fabulousness of the show...I stood everyone who is anyone is on board. See you when I get back from the Hamptons.

OTH...RIP KEITH!! I heart Brook (Sophia Bush) and the guy who plays Nathan Scott...everyone else is second rate EXCEPT for the little who plays Jamie Scott...he is a cutie!! Oh and Skills is our FAVORITE!! BTW...Michael is now coaching 7th grade basketball at MBA...I think we are going to try to change the mascot from the Big Red (dog) to the Ravens...what do you think? Oh and I'm going to start calling Michael, "Whitey".

This is your best post ever. Never be ashamed of how you spend your free time. You are just luck to be married to a girl who is "with it".

And for the record, Michael wooed me while we were watching Most Extreme Elimiation challenge at the Grove.

Best post eva!

Will said...

callen, what in HIS name are those acronyms? is that HAI as in YES in japansese......your 1st paragraph totally lost me....

Callen and Michael Martin said...

Did you watch "I survived a Japanesse Game show"? (ISAJGS) You mentioned it in your post, but if you didn't watch it then should be lost from the first paragraph.

And if you didn't watch ISAJGS then you missed out!!

Leland said...

Dude, seriously.

GG hooked us from the start but the writers' strike killed it. I don't know if I can return.

I fear it may suffer from "O.C."-itis. Two seasons, and there's no plot left. Serena then aburptly dies in a cheesy car wreck while tiny Dan attempts to carry her away from the wreckage.