Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nosferatu Fort-Night

Well, my original blog darlings Vampire Weekend have finally made a video for the song that charmed my pants off last year (and still continues to...). "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" has been given the Doc Brown treatment ("where we're going, we don't need roads...."). Instead of 1955, it appears the Delorean has taken us back in time to 1985. With no 80's reference left unturned, Ezra and the boys are straight outta Pretty In Pink with some Say Anything to boot coupled with a Cure/Emo/Thriller finale (was anyone else terrified of Thriller as a child when he went all wolfy?). The song is still chill, and the Prep gets the girl (sorry Duckie...). Speaking of Duckie, I have no respect for Jon Cryer. As Washout in Hot Shots, he was great. I even like his show with Chappelle, "Buddies", that never got off the ground. Regardless, "Two and a Half Men" (which re-teams him with Sheen from Hot Shots) is a travesty. It's pathetic that this is one of the few successful Sitcoms out there. Oh, the state of TV today. If you know anyone that watches and enjoys that show that is under the age of 55, you have my permission to punch them. Whew! Just had to get that out there.
Anyways, check out the Kwassa, do your best white-boy noodle dance, boat it like you own it and enjoy the last days of Summer.