Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crouching Tigers, Hidden 11-Year Olds

Should I say, "Hidden Passports?". Whatever. The Chinese/Chianese scare me. They are the modern day USSR. OH! They are also massive cheaters. My favorite event in the Summer Olympics is women's gymnastics. This was secondary to my crush on Shannon Miller from 1992-1996 (yes, I know she is white trash - I was 12). The women's team came up short the other night pulling in the Silver medal. The Chinese won the Gold - period. They were great. Even if poor Alicia Sacs (Sacrimoni) hadn't had 2 major errors, the Chinese would have won. So, I don't want any tears shed by that poor girl. She is a champ. Regardless, the Chinese team was suspect and has been suspect from day one. Media outlets all over the place are reporting China team members Jiang Yuyuan, Yang Yilin, and He Kexin are 13/14 years old. When He (Kexin) was in competition last fall a Chinese AP report spoke of rising Chinese the 14 year old He.......this report came out yesterday. The link to that article is now gone along with the article......weird.......thanks Chinese government. The government has verified all their gov issued passports showing that the girls are over the 16 yo as of Jan 1, 2008 minimum. They're not suspicious at all though...............He Kexin's birthday............Jan 1, 1992. WOW! Way to not make it obvious. I know you people have seen these kids. Yes, kids. Bela Karolyi basically had to be cut off by Bob Costas the other night, b/c he kept slipping in, "Well, they ARE using 14 year old girls...". In a completely NON-dirty way, Karolyi with his 30 years of gymnastic coaching knows what 14 year olds look like. Tonight on NBC news, they ran a story on China's Project 119. This is their Hitler Youth camps for children training to be dominant in the Olympic games. That's it. It's SOLE purpose. WHO CARES??????? I love the Olympics, but it isn't everything. This project is insane and sad. If anything, those kids could be much better used sewing my new shirt from J.Crew (sic). Yippee! Hurray! Zoolander much?

The Chinese even cheated with the opening ceremonies. The fireworks were computer generated. The little girl singing was 7 years old and lip syncing for a 14 year old (again that age thing........).At the end of the day if these girls ARE of age, these girls must be kept in a box like veal, so they can't grow. They are let out the day of competition and see light for the 1st time. It's like Plato's allegory of the cave (what? not really).

(editors note/addendum 8/18/08) - wow, so now the judges are just morons from Turkmenistan, Grenada, Australia (insert random country here) - The Judges botched everything! Not one of the judges can be from a competing team's country. These yoyos are ALL from countries that have NOT ONE MEDAL IN GYMNASTICS EVER between them - BLURGGG!
Great Job, USA! Who didn't cheer their socks off for these two? Whitney sure did.....