Sunday, March 9, 2008

Relegation Vacation

Fulham was long ago headed for the dreaded drop....Relegation. I just hoped that they could pull a miracle. Nope. I took little solace from Jimmy Bullard's late free kick that salvaged a measly point for the Cottagers. After looking like a child that wanders into the middle of a movie up until now, new American addition, Eddie Johnson, finally found some life breaking away in the 2nd half, stepping over a couple of times, and glancing one off the post. All for naught, nichts, nada, niente, rien and wolloshe. Surely Fulham will moan that their marker (Stalteri) was thrown down in the box for Blackburn's go-ahead goal (hence Gamst's wide open header), but he should have just been stronger and stayed firm. Still my biggest beef with futbol - everyone loves to fake/flop/whine/die on the pitch, get carried off on a flippin' stretcher, and then magically return five seconds later to play at full speed. Italians and South American players are the worst for me at this charade. Pathetic. If you're gonna go down, be for real ala Eduardo da Silva (nasty).

And yes, that's his tibia sticking out of his sock/skin. (shiver....)

Nevertheless, a loss or a draw is no win, and Fulham needs wins like a crackhead needs a hit. With 9 games to go and 6 points adrift, I have finally given up. Having won only 3 games all season, I find it highly unlikely for them to win 4-5 of 9 (which they'll need to survive). The "American" team will be playing AAA ball in the CocaCola Championship division meaning NO tv in the US. A promotion back to the Premiership next year doesn't seem to be in the cards either considering their current form. They have 3 goals in their last 7 games....yuck. There is a run of lower tier teams coming this month, but hope is lost. Looks like I'll be throwing my support back to the Merseyside and Fernando Torres (and don't even get me started on all the drama in Liverpool). I think this will be my lot in life. Cheering for the three-legged dog in a fight. Whether it be Fulham Futbol or Vanderbilt Football, my team is going down...


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