Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Singled Out

Well, here are my favorite songs so far this year (those that I can recall).

I realize that some are actually rollovers from last year, but I can't always be privy to the curve.

Beck - "Inferno" - Odelay (Deluxe Remastered)
- on the 10th anniversary edition of Odelay's release (really it's close to 12 yrs now....), Beck burns up the dancefloor!

Vampire Weekend - "A-Punk" - (S/T)
- I think we know how I feel about this....

The Black Hollies - "Paisley Pattern Ground" - Casting Shadows
- way cooler than the white hollies ("always bet on black" - Passenger 57)

Tapes 'n Tapes - "Hang Them All" - Walk It Off
- Can't wait!

The Last Shadow Puppets - "Age of Understatement"
- Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner and the Rascals' Miles Kane combine forces for domination

The LK (aka the lovekevins...who knows?) - "Stop Being Perfect"
- like I don't love all Swedes

Jamie Lidell - "Figured Me Out"
- one hip whitey

M (Mike) Doughty - "27 Jennifers"
- former Soul Coughing fronter and I both went to school with 27 jennifers....oh wait i went to school with dudes...

Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin - "Glue Girls"
- SOOO much cooler than Vladamir Putin (and the new guy who was Vladi's puppet)

Jack Panate - "Secon, Minute, or Hour"
-fun, fast paced pop rock

What Made Milwaukee Famous - "Resistance St."
- radiohead combined with tapes n tapes....nice

The Bell - "I am History"
- driving, straight ahead depeche rock

White Denim - "Paint Silver Gold"
- white boys in white pants that think they're the Hendrix Experience

Kelly Stoltz - "Your Reverie"
- kelly has put away the piano for this retro rocker

Mountain Goats - "Sax Rohmer #1"
- good but still maybe too much whining

Frightened Rabbit - "Head Rolls Off" or "The Modern Leper"
- is that Snow Patrol? nope...there just Glaswegians

Headlights - "Cherry Tulips"
- folks, poppy girly stuff - i love it!

The Helio Sequence - "Keep Your Eyes Ahead"
- the NW duo are back un autre fois

The Boy Least Likely To - "I Box Up all the Butterflies"
- more music that sounds like it is for kindergartners - but I love little kid music

Plants and Animals - "Bye Bye Bye"
- if Queen was Canadienne....(I spell it that way to de-masculate canada)

The Selmainaires - "Nite Beat"
- The Atlanta/Southern version of the Rapture w/ some Heads and Wire

and of course, the rest of

Vampire Weekend - the whole album and more

that is all I can think as I pound away the keys at school (pt canceled.....)


jccvi said...

where's david archuleta?

Callen and Michael Martin said...

Vampire Weekend is on SNL this weekend.

jccvi said...

"Private dancer" by David Hernandez?