Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sneaky Devils!

Nashville's own, The Raconteurs (Jack White/Brendan Benson - Detroit, MI----Patrick and Jack from the Greenhornes - KY and OH - all live in Nashville now), have announced that their new album comes out next Tuesday. What a wonderful (totally last minute) surprise! Whitney, Leland, C Brown, and I saw them last year at City Hall (awesome). My only complaint with their 1st album had NOT ENOUGH RACONTEURS! Regardless, pick up Consolers of the Lonely next Tues. or their 1st album, Broken Boy Soldiers, NOW!

side note - Whit and I held the door for Patrick (the drummer) and his pretty lady last year at Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills (OW!!!) - he rolls in a nice X5......anyways