Monday, February 18, 2008

Who Gives a #*$% about an Oxford Comma?

SO, I sometimes do not speak correctly. I admit it. For the most part, I am pretty good with my words, but now and then I screw up...My wife, on the other hand, is one of the BEST when it comes to MLA established English diction (which she made apparent today and everyday). I follow the rules, except when it comes to the objective. I never use the word ME when I refer to myself and something/someone else.
{i.e. - _____ and I went to the show. (correct) The world was saved by ____ and I. (incorrect)} I'm sorry but ____ and me just sounds wrong in my fragile mind (this feels like mad libs). On top of this frequent error of mine, I also do not pronounce words with "-or" correctly. Florida is pronounced: "Flarda", and Orange is pronounced: "ARE-ange". SUE ME !!! Regardless, I will struggle to improve from now on! Whitney, I want to be your Robert Sawyer. (that being the master/idol of English, and the dude that loves to diagram) Then again, I'll never love to diagram....

PS - An "Oxford Comma" is the VERY unnecessary comma that is seen in and/or situations:
(Will, Whitney, and Lorelai......) which can also be written and should be written, "Will, Whitney and Lorelai....", in order to save time and effort....
SO, "who gives a #*$% about an Oxford Comma? I've seen those English dramas, too! They're cruel..."


Anonymous said...

Will, I've got a major grammar whammy for you--all these years I've been writing the Southern contraction for "you all" as "ya'll" and just yesterday I found out it was supposed to be "y'all." And in reality, it probably shouldn't be a written word at all! Tell Whitney to bite me. Godspeed.