Monday, May 10, 2010

Local Natives/Suckers @ Great Scott

Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking in a VERY intimate and SOLD OUT show of Local Natives at Great Scott (which is right down the street from us - I walked). Whit was down for the count, so I went solo. Suckers was the opening act. I got there way too early, apparently (9:45pm).I got to meet the Suckers and talk Nashville (they had just played the Basement below Grimey's before the flood). Very nice guys from Brooklyn with their debut album coming out in June. They put on a great show that I thought might best Local Natives - nope. LN took the stage and didn't hold back with 4 part harmonies and chants over pounding percussion and subtle riffs. It was amazing. I felt like I was seeing something revolutionary. I'm sure it wasn't and isn't, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here are some shots from my crappy phone and some better ones from the guy standing right in front of me (literally) with a better camera. What a show! Go get Gorilla Manor their album, now!

Here's "Wide Eyes" from the Show