Monday, May 10, 2010

Interpol Loses Style and Flair

Interpol is set to release their new album this year and have recently made the song, "Lights" (click to download), available for download. As they map out a tour of the country in support, Paul Banks has announced that bassist, Carlos D, has left the band. Interpol has basically been an NYC drenched version of Joy Division since 2001. Their slow droning anthems to their driving beats have always tickled my fancy. However, I will say I didn't care for the last effort in 2007. "Heinrich Maneuver" was a great single with a clever play on words, but the rest of the album left me flat. Perhaps this lack of creativity and too many long stints on the road led to Carlos's departure. He makes up 1/2 of the rhythm section with drummer, Sam Fogarino, but he was 100% of the spark in Interpol. His base lines and runs are amazing as is his interesting take on fashion if you like the Crispin Glover look. No one wears a holster like Carlos. He had turned into this Western look in the past couple of years. Whatever. Did anyone buy Paul Banks side project, Julian Plenti? I did. It lacks a certain something - Carlos! Oh, sigh. This may be the end of Interpol as I need it....I know Banks is the main songwriter but it seems like so much for songs like "Obstacle 1" and "Stella Was a Diver". Boo!

Here is some of Interpol's finest interplays between Banks, Carlos and Sammy - Fantastic!