Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Inbetweeners

Do you ever watch BBC America? Maybe you did back when Ricky Gervais et al were attacking the states with The Office for the first time. Obviously, that popularity led to the US spin-off with Steve Carell and the rest of his crew. Subsequent to that, the inevitable conversation always arose with someone saying, "Oh? I used to watch the British version. It was loads better". Great. The original almost always is better (except in rare instances-Jeff Buckley trumping Leonard Cohen comes to mind...).Back in January, BBC America debuted another BAFTA award winning comedy from across the pond, The Inbetweeners. It aired in the UK 3 years ago, and the US version is already in the works. It is no Office, but it is funny/enjoyable if you are into sophomoric humor. I DVR it each Wednesday night and watch it when there is nothing better on to watch. It follows 4 teenage guys going to school in the suburbs of London (West Hampshire?). The main character, Will (see why I like it?), is new to the school and has found a niche with Simon, Jay and Neil. While certainly not lowest on the secondary school food chain, they are most definitely not the "in-crowd" (hence the inbetweeners...). I will say WARNING: it is crass beyond words. Unless you are comfortable watching South Park or Superbad without flinching, this may not be your cup of tea. It is definitely TV-MA for it's language. Check it out, guys (and girls if you can stomach it).

anyone have Fifa 2007? Recognize that song?

The episodes also have interludes with one of my favorite songs of 2007:
Jack Penate - "Second, Minute, or Hour"