Thursday, April 2, 2009

Remember This One? Chasing Amy

I'll admit it. From 1995-2001, I was all about anything Kevin Smith put his hands on. His most critically acclaimed film was 1997's Chasing Amy. After the commercial flop of Mallrats, Smith went back to his indie roots with his dramedy about a comic writer (Ben Affleck) who falls for another writer (Joey Lauren Adams) who happens to be a lesbian. He's followed around by his inker buddy (Jason Lee) as he fights to get her to change teams. Adams even got a Golden Globe nod. It's on IFC right now. I used to own it. Another victim of the fraternity house.....David Zegley, I've got my eye on you.

The movie starts off at Comic Con (that's "Con-vention" you non-nerds) with a classic rant about racism in Star Wars by Black Panther comic writer, Hooper X.
Here's the scene - vulgar, wrong - hilarious.....


A said...

Google Reader done gone blew up today!!

Sadly, I haven't seen much of Kevin Smith's work (all of clerks, and parts of the rest on Comedy Central, etc.)

I did watch a sweet documentary the other week, Rising Son - The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi, with interview/cameos by Jason Lee. Good Stuff!