Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weather Report !!!!

Those hoping for a new White Stripes album anytime soon - don't hold your breath. Jack has finally moved the offices of his label, Third Man, to Nashville. In conjunction with that, he unveiled his latest side project, The Dead Weather. With the lead singer of the Kills (another great boy/girl duo ala the Stripes), the other guitarist from Queens of the Stone Age and Jack Lawrence, the bass player for the Raconteurs/The Greenhornes, White has assembled another amalgamation of musicians. The album will be out in June, and the offices are open now. It will feature a vinyl store inside, performance space, recording studio and more! If you can track down the debut 7" that I believe was given to the 150 guests at the grand opening event night before last which included Sheryl Crow et al, you will have quite the collector's item. For now, just go download the songs off Hype Machine:

The Dead Weather - "Hang You From the Heavens" (clink Link)
The Dead Weather - "Are Friends Electric?" (click Link)

PS - I'll be in Nashville this weekend for Polly and Forrest's wedding, but I know where I'll be going on Saturday morning - Third Man !!!

****UPDATE**** (3/16)
Third Man is downtown on 7th Avenue! Check!