Friday, March 6, 2009

Songs From Coast to Coast

We are going bi-coastal with these two newbies and also international to boot.
Ironically, these two bands are singing about the opposite coast....

Wild Light
This New Hampshire outfit has just released their proper debut, Adult Nights. With generally positive reviews, they may achieve some momentum with their debut song, "California On My Mind". The only problem is that there will be NO love from traditional radio with this song as it proceeds to cuss the majority of the state (especially the San Francisco Bay area.....). Regardless of the language, the song is very catchy along with the rest of their Phantomy Planety songs. Check them out as they are my neighbors to the north (not Canada - I'm not that far north. Then again this group does claim a former member of Canada's own, Arcade Fire....). Leland, somewhere I read "for fans of CYHSY". No sure about that, but give 'em a whirl.

Wild Light - "California On My Mind" (Download)

Not so much a group, but a guy that I stumbled upon after he was signed to Merge Records recently. Apparently, he's buddies with Death Cab, so he must be cool (sic). Out of Seattle, Telekinesis is singing about the east coast on "Coast of Carolina"....It is a good song, but I like their song, "Tokyo" better. Just can't find an Mp3 of it for ya......Enjoy

Telekinesis - "Coast of Carolina" (Download)

Found the video for "Tokyo"


Leland said...

Pretty unimpressed with both, my friend. CERTAINLY no CHYSY. BTW, when are CHYSY coming out with a new CD? RUNFEST?

Leland said...

Also, as I work here on a lonely saturday night, any news about a new album from The National? it's about time, dontcha' think?

Will said...

national are in the studio and CYHSY just debuted a new song on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last week - you can download it on NBC's website for Jimmmy - WAIT! I just emailed the mp3 link to you - check the businesseditor
I never got the National EP last year (Virginia Tapes?) - maybe Ill go get that to buy me some time....