Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two for Tuesday (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love/Accept the President)

"And we're BACK!"

It's the 1st Two for Tuesday of the year. Today, we find two releases from 2 prolific pop/rock/folk experts. A.C. Newman (or Carl) is the lead singer of New Pornographers, the super group composed of members of the Broken Social Scene crew and Neko Case. His 2nd solo album, Get Guilty, comes out today. If you've never listened to him or New Pornographers, get off the couch. The man can sure craft a power pop wonder. Check out Twin Cinema from 2005 (even though critics will tell you that their 1st 2 are better.....I also will fight to say that Chutes to Narrow is the stronger Shins album over Oh, Inverted World - Bring IT ON, ZACH BRAFF!!!) I digress....I'll be honest I haven't heard much from Get Guilty and may have to go on faith alone.....

On the other side of the coin, we have Andrew Bird, who unlike Newman is an American. Bird has put out something like 7 albums. I'll be honest that I was not aboard the Bird express until 2005's The Mysterious Production of Eggs. 2007's Armchair Apocrypha continued his whistle/violin/troubadour vibe. You heard "Heretics" off that one, yeah? Today, marks the release of #7 - Noble Beast. Apparently, it lacks the chops of the last 2 albums, but we'll see...Check it out for yourself. The man can write a song.

January 20, 2009

SIDE NOTE: If you buy the Mp3 of Get Guilty you get a free T-Shirt at InSound (it may be the other way around.....buy shirt, get songs...who knows)

Have a great week everyone


Leland said...

Dear Will,

I was wondering what your take is on the new Animal Collective album. Pitchfork gave it 9.6 and I loved the Panda Bear album and am into the electronic-harmony combo. What is your take? Itunes' clips arent giving me enough of a sample to work with.

Thanks for the rec on "Foals-Antidotes." it's a really good album to work to.

When will muslims/soft pack's album be re-released, again? I eagerly anticipate.


Will said...

February, my good man, for the muslims
as far as arvy tare and panda bear....
really? 9.6.....I just don't know...I was definitely at Newbury Comics at 6pm on the day the AC vinyl came out...i just took it and put it back for the rest of the crazies...the last album with that kind of hype was Arcade Fire - Funeral. I can ALMOST guarantee that it is not as good as that - I have only heard of couple of songs. While it is more palatable than other AC stuff, it is still AC. It will be their album they "sold out" on. whatever, it's still weird. I can't say much as I have 2 of their albums, but I dunno if I'm proud to own them. I will do some thinking about it this weekend. Expect a post / backlash.

Leland said...

I am not familiar with AC's prior work, but this one is getting lots of hype. I did like the panda bear album, but honestly didn't know there was a connection with AC. I like a little electronic/synthetic music, but the clips i've heard on this new album are almost too overdone to make sense out of.

No backlash here, just didn't know if i should waste my money.