Saturday, January 24, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Jimmy

Well for all you non footies out there, January and August serve as the Transfer Windows in the world of Soccer/Futbol. No matter the league or the country, it turns into an all out free-for-all to sign players, sell players, spend money, and make money. My lowly Fulham Cottagers have just sold the heart and soul of their team for a measly 5 million quid. Really? Fulham's owner is Mohammed Al-Fayed. Like he or the team needs another 5 million especially for the engine of their team. Jimmy Bullard is their central midfielder and the player that takes all free kicks. His final free kick last year careened off the head of Danny Murphy for the goal that kept Fulham in the Premier League. Around the goal, his kicks strike fear in the hearts of keepers as he bends his shot wicked good. Yes, he has had a lackluster year compared to the heroics of last. Alas, it is all gone. He his now at Hull City. Blegh! Now what will we do?

Here is a shot from the old boy last year
(fast fwd to 1:30 to see the replay)


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I totally didn't see that one coming. I thought Jimmy was the heart and soul of fulham. Plus, he is starting to get some national team playing time, so why leave a lowly, yet established premier legaue team for a team that just got into the EPL for the first time ever? That sucks for fulham. Just means it's time for dempsy to pick up the slack and fill in the void.