Friday, November 7, 2008

Hope Your Weekend Is Absolutely Fab(rizio) !!!

While my favorite boys, The Strokes, are still on hiatus until next year, the various players are all doing their own thing. Rhythm guitarist, Albert Hammond, Jr. has put out 2 albums since the last Strokes record to much acclaim. Nickolai Fraiture, the bass player's, side project has no appeal for me. Lead guitarist, Nick Valensi, has been growing his hair out even further. Lead singer, Julian Casablancas, has made a commercial/song for Converse with Pharell and Santogold. This week saw the release of two albums featuring drummer Fabrizio Moretti (girls, you remember him as Drew Barrymore's former flame). Little Joy is Fab's side project named for their corner bar. Also released this week, was Fab's group, Megapuss with Devendra Banhart (again girls, yo know him as Natalie Portman's flavor of the week). Where most side-projects are regularly dismissable, these two are worth a listen. So, bend an ear to the albums: Little Joy - "Little Joy" and Megapuss - "Surfing".

That poster at the top was the flyer from the 1st time I saw the Strokes at 328 Performance Hall (RIP!) in the Fall of 2001. It hangs in the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC. Here they are performing the song that made it all happen for me in September 2001, when I saw it on tv at the cabin we rented in the mountains of GA. Enjoy!

I'm going to go all Whitney (by that I mean Interrogative).
They are MY favorite group.
Who is YOUR favorite group?