Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stronger Two 4 Wednesday

Here's what I've been digging since clinic started back last week (I've been BUSY - in clinic, not on the Hype Machine)

Annuals - "Sore"
I really could not get with Annuals last album. (granted I only listened to 3 or so songs - "Brother", I'm talking about you....) This song is Good. At times it reminds me of "Reinhold Messner" era Ben Folds Five. I know it's from back in the Spring, but as I said - I hesitate when it comes to Annuals

Ra Ra Riot - "The Rhumb Line" (the whole album)
These poor kids lost their drummer and friend last year here in New England. He pulled a Jeff Buckley in the waters off Providence. They pulled it together for a fitting tribute to an old friend. I'm sure he is proud.