Friday, June 6, 2008

Dental Stuff (gross!)

I thought I would show you guys what I do. Well, here is what I've been up to.....Implants....

Essentially, it is a titanium screw buried in your jaw (to replace a missing tooth) that a new crown will be screwed-in or cemented after 4-6months. During our waiting time, the titanium integrates with the bone, and when we uncover the implant - it is locked in something fierce (wicked tight!). Monday I placed 1 implant, and on Tuesday I placed 2 more.

Here is the first case, a relatively straight-forward implant

GUIDE POST (to check alingment of my drilling)

Cover Screw in place
Final Image
[When we place them (in this case), we try to parallel the implant with the root of the pre-molar. I was pleased with the result.]

The next two are on the same pt from Tuesday afternoon (1 - upper, 1 - lower).
On the Maxillary (Upper), we didn't have enough bone height, so we raised the floor of the maxillary sinus internally (with a mallet) and maintained the space using freeze dried bone - Mineross.

My osteotomy (read: hole) was to buccal (towards the front of the tooth). Therefore, I had to place the implant a little bit more palatally (towards the backside of the tooth). Hence the small space beside the implant. We filled it with extra bone graft...

Implant in place

This is my horrible outline of the floor of the sinus (and where it was raised to). There is a faint circle there, and that is the mineross graft we packed in there after raising (hammering) the floor up. Then the implant is placed.

Final Image


Then, we did the mandibular (lower) implant.

radiograph/x-ray is a little angled....the teeth and implant look short...

Final Image
(Sadly, I was running short of time and didn't get to take any images of my this last implant...)
My pictures are not that great, and technically I should be taking more. No time, no time.....

All in all, CRAZY! Can you believe they let this guy do this to people.......yikes!


Stacey said...

Nice job, Will! I can't believe you are raising sinus floors now. Stacey was saying, "I can't believe this is what you do" and I told her that I don't do THAT. By the way, tomorrow I'm doing a hospital case with 2 root canals, 7 crowns and 5 fillings on an autistic kid who is 13. Funny how far removed from dental school we already are!

Will said...

WOW...DEFINITE hospital case...sedation much?

Nashville Periodontal Group said...

That's my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

lindz said...