Friday, June 27, 2008

Paaaaaarty Peoplllllllllllllllllllllle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl Talk talking 'bout date line.....
Well if you're bored and throwing a party this is your soundtrack. Musicophiles know of Girl Talk (who is just a dude - Greg) as a masher (he mashes up everyone elses music as a DJ). I know of him of his legal troubles, his penchant for fighting and drinking. I digress. He has followed in suit of Radiohead/NIN and put his album on his website for "Pay what you want". This is the ultimate house party soundtrack especially if you take adderall. GT has managed to mash up 50 years of pop music into this madness. Before he gets sued and issued a cease and desist, go download this album. There must be 500 different songs mixed up. CRAZY. For example, can you handle DJ Kool's "Let me Clear My Throat" over Dexy's Midnight Runner's "Come on Eileen" or maybe a little "Come on Ride That Train" over ? and the Mysterians "96 Tears" with a little "Smells Like Teen Spirit" over "Groove Is In the Heart". Oh, and by the way..............all of that takes place over the span of 30 secs. Take some Ritalin and enjoy this frantic tour through pop music. You may just hear something you haven't heard in years! Enjoy!

here is what is in just one song - "Set It Off"

* 0:00 Rihanna - Umbrella
* 0:01 Ying Yang Twins - Jigglin'
* 0:06 Eric B & Rakim - Eric B. Is President
* 0:20 Jay-Z - Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)...
* 0:21 Radiohead - Paranoid Android
* 1:25 Mary J. Blige - Real Love
* 1:26 The Guess Who - These Eyes
* 2:04 Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message
* 2:04 Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion
* 2:09 Ice Cube - Check Yo' Self
* 2:09 Young Gunz - Set It Off
* 2:35 DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat
* 2:36 Mistah F.A.B. with Turf Talk and E-40- Super Sic wit' It
* 2:38 The Spinners - Rubber Band Man
* 2:47 Bubba Sparxxx ft. Ying Yang Twins - Ms. New Booty
* 2:55 Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
* 3:33 Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two For Tuesday

So, here are 2 songs you should download, b/c I like them - there! Tuesday is release day. One of these has been released. The other is out as a single, and the real album comes later this summer.

1 - "Rich Girls" - The Virgins - from The Virgins

2 - "GFC" - Albert Hammond, Jr. - from Como Te Llama (out July 8th)

and here are 2 oldies but goodies for Tuesday (and by Old, I mean last fall and this spring, respectively)

1 - "Repetition Kills You" - The Black Ghosts ft Damon Albarn (of Blur/Gorillaz)

2 - "Hercules Theme" - Hercules and Love Affair

Monday, June 23, 2008

How Am I Not Myself....

must really suck
I know I haven't put much in it...but it has a total of 0 comments - I'm just talking to myself aren't I? How Am I Not Myself?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Take It to the Next Level...

About 2 months ago, the new Nike Soccer commercial directed by Guy Ritchie was released. I still love seeing it. It's a 1st-person job as if we're looking through your eyes while climbing the ranks of the futbol world into world renowned celebrity. The clip is a who's who in European soccer featuring YOU against Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), being tapped by Arsene Wenger to come to Arsenal, subbing for Gallas, scoring after an assist from Cesc Fabregas, losing a tooth via Ibrahimovich, walking the Red Carpet, high fiving/getting a lesson from Ronaldinho, taking the field with the Dutch National team, Huntelaar and Ruud Van Nilsteroy against Portugal, and it is after the jump. Oh, Guy're cooler than Madonna.... Well, maybe not....

The Euro Cup began last weekend and is one week in. This is basically a mini-world cup for the national teams of Europe (like the World Cup - it's every 4 years). The defending champs, Greece, are about to be eliminated, while Spain and the Netherlands look poised for dominance. The Italian and French sides couldn't win if you paid them (my what difference 2 years makes after an Italy/France World Cup Final in 2006). Check it out on everyday for the rest of the month on ESPN2 and ESPN Classic every day at 12:00 and 2:45 (we watch it in our resident's room while we eat our lunch). You can also watch it for free on if your internet provider allows it. Viva Espana!

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Great Voice Signs Off...

Today shortly after lunch, political pundit Tim Russert, the host of NBC's Sunday morning mainstay, "Meet the Press", died of a heart attack. While our views were not always eye-to-eye, I certainly had the utmost respect for Russert as a journalist. His stance was always clear, but he was never one to polarize those around him (ala Keith Olberman and Bill O'Reilly). Journalists and politicians alike are in shock today (myself included). I can't bring myself to tell Whitney, yet. It will ruin her day. Russert was her favorite....
A native New Yorker born in Buffalo, Russert rose through the ranks of politics with the campaign of Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-New York) in the late 1970's. Later he was instrumental in the campaign and election of the infamous New York mayor/governor, Mario Cuomo, in the early 80's and later served as a part of Cuomo's braintrust. Leaving New York politics, Russert stepped into Washington journalism and was hired by NBC's Washington Bureau Office in 1984. Climbing the ranks through the years, Russert was currently the head of NBC's Washington Bureau. Political commentary will be missing a little something after today. The election coverage this fall will certainly be lacking without Russert's presence. On a personal note, Sunday mornings in our little Boston house will be certainly different, as we have not found a church that we love here. Frequently, we find ourselves at home on Sunday morning watching none other than "NBC's Meet the Press with Tim Russert". Russert passed away too soon while in the newsroom doing voiceovers for this Sunday's upcoming episode. He had just returned from a family trip to Italy celebrating his son's graduation from Boston College. Everyone hug your dad this weekend if you can. You just never know. Tim Russert was 58.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dental Stuff (gross!)

I thought I would show you guys what I do. Well, here is what I've been up to.....Implants....

Essentially, it is a titanium screw buried in your jaw (to replace a missing tooth) that a new crown will be screwed-in or cemented after 4-6months. During our waiting time, the titanium integrates with the bone, and when we uncover the implant - it is locked in something fierce (wicked tight!). Monday I placed 1 implant, and on Tuesday I placed 2 more.

Here is the first case, a relatively straight-forward implant

GUIDE POST (to check alingment of my drilling)

Cover Screw in place
Final Image
[When we place them (in this case), we try to parallel the implant with the root of the pre-molar. I was pleased with the result.]

The next two are on the same pt from Tuesday afternoon (1 - upper, 1 - lower).
On the Maxillary (Upper), we didn't have enough bone height, so we raised the floor of the maxillary sinus internally (with a mallet) and maintained the space using freeze dried bone - Mineross.

My osteotomy (read: hole) was to buccal (towards the front of the tooth). Therefore, I had to place the implant a little bit more palatally (towards the backside of the tooth). Hence the small space beside the implant. We filled it with extra bone graft...

Implant in place

This is my horrible outline of the floor of the sinus (and where it was raised to). There is a faint circle there, and that is the mineross graft we packed in there after raising (hammering) the floor up. Then the implant is placed.

Final Image


Then, we did the mandibular (lower) implant.

radiograph/x-ray is a little angled....the teeth and implant look short...

Final Image
(Sadly, I was running short of time and didn't get to take any images of my this last implant...)
My pictures are not that great, and technically I should be taking more. No time, no time.....

All in all, CRAZY! Can you believe they let this guy do this to people.......yikes!