Wednesday, April 30, 2008


When I was little, I loved cartoons much like the rest of you. G.I. Joe (Yo, Joe!) was the tops in my book/heart. If I did my three chores all week, I got $3. Ironically, a new G.I. Joe action figure was $2.99 at Target. At the same time if you put me in a car at our house in Brentwood, the only place in town I knew how to get to was Target on White Bridge Rd (home of the G.I. Joe action figures!). A close 2nd to the defenders of our freedom from Cobra, were the autobots of Transformers. What a show, and what a toy! Coming in third (just ahead of Masters of the Universe, M.A.S.K., Voltron and Thundercats) were the Marvel Comics cartoons. The old old Spider-Man cartoon=amazing. Right there with it was Iron Man. This cartoon just wasn't around like the rest of them. Short lived. Man did I love it! Iron Man was and is my favorite Marvel character to this day. Who knows why back then. Maybe I just new I was a Republican at heart (Tony Stark is the ultimate Republican superhero - billionaire, ties on Capitol Hill, tax cuts for the rich, obsessed with Weapons of Mass Destruction even before there were WMDs). Heck, Stark got this way from kicking it over in Vietnam with McCain....

As I'm sure you know, Iron Man is BACK!!!! This summer's 1st big blockbuster movie is nearly here with......Robert Downey, Jr......? Not my first choice, but I bet Steven Seagal was busy with Chapter 11. Why is Iron Man cool? He's deeply conflicted like many superheroes. He's a good guy, but at many times in his career he's been a bad guy. This is the same reason Daredevil is cool - too bad that movie was butchered by producer John Favreau (Swingers, director of Iron Man) by casting buddy Ben Affleck, making Kingpin black, and using Colin Farrell for anything. Please, John. Don't ruin this one. He's my favorite (pretty sure that he's listed as my hero on myspace.....), and he's Ozzy's favorite.
Don't mess with Black Sabbath.....

Remember this? No?