Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little Barrie is back!!!

One of my favorite bands of the 00's is also one of the most overlooked - Little Barrie. A vintage blues/classic rock trio in the vein of Spencer Davis Group (minus the horns) or Cream before them, Little Barrie debuted in 2005 with their Edwyn Collins produced album, We Are Little Barrie. Check the review on Barrie Cadogan is the front man. After years as a studio guitarist in the UK and a touring guitarist for many solo acts (Collins and Morrissey to name a few), Barrie put together his own group. Their music and sound are nothing short of spectacular. Great riffs, classic sounds, & very tight production make it all go down easy. At the end of the day, they're just cool. It's music that hip dads and hipster sons can find common ground. Designer, Paul Smith, didn't miss them apparently (here). They're from his hometown, Nottinghamshire, UK. Their second album, Stand Your Ground, came around in 2006/2007 with a little more fanfare from the press. Critical acclaim but no fanbase - happens all the time. Now they've been relegated to international releases. Their new album, King of the Waves, was just released in Japan. I have acquired it via the interweb. Nothings changed. They're still rocking. No one notices, but I advise you to give them a listen. They're a great addition to your iPod.

Here's a sampling from their first 2.
The entire new album follows.