Monday, November 22, 2010

The Good Wife Supper Club

(this is the latest venture of a friend of mine from high school)

The Good Wife Supper Club is an experiment.
It is also a small group of food enthusiasts and seasoned cooks who are teaming up to do what they love – make dinner and share it with others!

Is it possible to eat with the seasons? Can our cooks find quality ingredients locally, so that they can prepare thoughtful, nourishing suppers? Can we establish a real network of suppliers that have names, faces and handshakes? And just as important, are there eaters out there who crave a fresh, seasonal, and simple approach to food?

The cooking of the GWSC has a deep connection to nourishment and community. Inspired by our pasts, the seasons, and homey traditional dishes we love. The Good Wife Supper Club will serve a family-style dinner every Saturday and Sunday night in a beautiful, historic home in East Nashville. The atmosphere is casual, warm and inviting.

How It Works
Saturday - 4 courses - 50 dollars
Sunday - 3 courses - 40 dollars

- Payment in the form of a one time membership fee is required to make a reservation.
- Please see our reservations calender and select the night you wish to come.
- Once completed, your name and number of people in your party will be added to our books for the night you reserved.
- Please arrive at 123 South 11th St., Nashville, TN 37206, at 7 o’clock PM.
- Menu changes every week. Sunday will be a modest version of Saturday. We suggest you BYOB.
- You will receive an email the Thursday before your reservation with the weekends menu and suggested wines that would pair well with dinner.
- Guests will be seated in our dining room at one of two long tables. Communal style
- You will always be able to sit with those you came with but you will also be sitting at a table with others you may not know.
- Please be prepared to eat what we are serving. We will not have substitutions available.
- Cancellations must be made one week in advance to receive a refund.

The seat is yours.
If you can’t make it, give it to a friend.
They’ll thank you!

Dinner for December 4th & 5th

Saturday, December 4th, 2010
Nibble: boiled peanuts
Garden salad with radishes, their tops, lemon and brown butter vinaigrette
Onion Soup
Braised front leg and shoulder of Venison with vegetables
Pear Tart with ice cream
Sunday, December 5th, 2010
Nibble: boiled peanuts
Venison Pate with crackers and garden salad
Venison Stew with carrots and mushrooms, homemeade bread
Pear Tart with Ice Cream
most produce is from Sulphur Creek Farm, Bells Bend, TN
The GWSC was created by Avon Lyons, a native Nashvillian, who graduated from Harpeth Hall and The University of Mississippi. After working in restaurants during her early twenties, she decided to become serious about cooking and enrolled in the internationally recognized Ballymaloe Cookery School, followed by a year living and cooking at the Rose Bakery in Paris, France, taking time to travel and eat all over Europe. Upon returning to Nashville, she spent two happy years working in the kitchen of Margot Cafe. Seeking to deepen her understanding of food and wine while cooking for others, she will gladly divulge recipes, insights and resources, so that together we may all become better cooks. She cannot overstate the influence of Alice Waters and her Delicious Revolution ideals – seasonal ingredients of the best quality, cooked simply and sensually, and shared with others at a warm and inviting table resonates within her.

She will not be doing this alone.
We are all so lucky that these friends are involved too….

Casey Dailey, chocolate maker at Olive & Sinclair by day, master of the radish by night, will be in the kitchen with me. His vision of food is grand, and will surely be present in every meal. His lovely girlfriend...

Brooke Gillon is a farm manager at Sulpher Creek Farm in Bells Bend, TN, and will be a great resource for beautiful, organic produce.

Robin Ridell is the wine lady, giving suggestions every weekend on what to drink with dinner. Aside from being one of the easiest people to talk to I’ve ever met, she is a fantastic hostess and strongly committed to local food through her leadership in Slow Food Nashville and farmers markets.

Lauren Vandervelde is a graphic designer, home cook and enthusiastic hostess. She will be the lovely brunette managing reservations and serving dinner.

They look forward to
seeing you at dinner...


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