Friday, July 17, 2009

To Die By Your Side Is Such A Heavenly Way to Die..

Today, (500) Days of Summer comes out here and other major cities. It'll be everywhere next week. I hope it doesn't suck. It sounds like it's going to do for the Smiths what Garden State did for the Shins (have I already made that point...?). Let's be honest though, if you haven't ever checked out the Smiths (England's premier 80's band) then slap yourself. Go download some immediately. I recommend buying their entire catalog, but I am a bit crazy. The title is a line from "There is a Light that Never Goes Out" from the 1986 album the Queen Is Dead. Go check out a greatest hit compilation if you like (there are countless ones), but again the full albums are delightful. Lead singer, Morrissey, and lead guitarist, Johnny Marr, never made feeling melancholy so beautiful.

PS - My favorite song is "This Charming Man"


Anonymous said...

I am way late keeping up with the music that delights you, but I did like the Smiths-yet the watching took away from the song. Somewhat like THE STROKES in their percussion. You always give so much to swallow and think about.

Will said...

watching that you tube clip?
not as strong as the album cut - it is truly the heat!