Friday, June 19, 2009

You, Me and the 'Dise Make 3 - Part II (but really part I)

At the end of March, I made my debut at the 'Dise. I went to see a pretty great rock show. What a bill of buzz! It was the NME tour, so you'd expect nothing less (NME is the "new music" rag from the UK that basically overhypes anything and everything - and backlash ensues). I went for the opening act. I knew the other 2 bands but had little interest other than 2 songs I knew by each of them. Regardless, it's rare that you get to see 3 bands like this for $20 bucks anymore.

The former group, The Muslims (now the Soft Pack), were the opening band. The San Diego quartet rocked out in all their minimalist glory. Their entire "Muslims" EP was basically performed. 2 things that made me even love them more: 1) the lead singer plays an old Fender Bronco guitar (which is awesomely awesome), 2) the drummer plays standing up (nice....).

The second group was White Lies (who represent all that NME stands for - HYPE). They were fine and forgettable (I largely don't remember anything noteworthy). They're supposed to be the next Joy Division (sorry that was Interpol). I did laugh a lot during their set, because they were wearing all black and had this over dramatic light show and were WAY too somber/serious. Oh, and they sounded like the Dracula musical from Forgetting Sarah Marshall ("Van Helsing!!! Die! DIE! Die......I Can't"). Basically, I leaned against the wall with the people I came with singing vampire songs and laughing...

Rounding out the night was the Friendly Fires. Now, I'll admit that I did previously bash them on here back in August or September as a group that Zach Braff would tout. Their live set made me a fan. If not for their music (which is nothing too groundbreaking), I had to respect the energy. The lead singer was moving like a pinball. The club responded en suite. If you have never heard their song, "Skeleton Boy", check it out. It was their 2nd single that came out around the beginning of the year. You can't help but wiggle when you hear it. I was full on noodling to it live.