Saturday, May 9, 2009

Summer Movie Preview (MAY)

Whitney just "shushed" me so she could watch a preview of the new Woody Allen flick, Whatever Works, starring the always dry Larry David (what a NYC combo of Allen and David!). So here are some other movies to look forward to (or not) this Summer.


May is already upon us. And while it is technically not a summer month, it has laid out some decent appetizers. First off, let me say I really can't stand Star Trek. Nevertheless, Whit and I will be seeing JJ Abrams latest with bells on.

X-Men: Wolverine? Nope. Love the men of Xavier, but it's time to hang up the Adamantium, Weapon-X.

If anyone goes to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, you are not my friend anymore. It's hard for me to hate McConaughey - the guy who was Wooderson from Dazed & Confused, but I have lost all respect for you, dude (even when you had some redemption with Tropic Thunder- ugh!)

I REALLY don't want to see Angels & Demons. I did not read A&D (it was just way too long guys, and there's too much crap I have to read everyday for Perio). I DID read DaVinci Code. Ron Howard, Tom Hanks and Co. butchered that film. My fear is that I would see A&D and like it only to have to deal with all you "readers" telling me how much it sucked....

May winds down with Terminator: Salvation. No thanks. Even with Christian Bale, nope. I loved T1 and T2, but I could care less about any of this. It can't be good with all the behind the scene problems that riddled this potential buster.

The last is a Mexican Indie that is Swine Flu free. Rudo y Cursi follows 2 brothers aspiring to be professional footballers. The scout comes to town but can only take 1 to Mexico City. Rivalry ensues.