Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two For Tuesday (and more)

(great cover, eh?)

Hola, mi amigos! Just a quick note of a couple of songs that I was listening to this morning.

Neko Case - "People Got a Lot of Nerve"

The New Pornographers chantuese is back with a new album next week after a stellar effort a couple years back. This song is STRONG. She has a great voice. This album is already getting CRAZY good reviews (not 5 stars but 4.5's!). We'll see what the arses at Pitchfork say....definitely check this one out. It's almost as good as Hall and Oates - Maneater. Download it, and you'll see what I mean...

Dan Auerbach - "My Last Mistake"

The Black Keys lead singer has done the inevitable Gwen Stefani and put out a solo album. I'm gonna pick it up today, and I'll be back with a follow-up. Hopefully, it has some more of the retro bluesy sounds of this song.

The Thermals - "Now We Can See"

So, the Thermals have gone soft....After years on Sub Pop with some fuzzed out sounds, it looks like their transition to Kill Rock Stars for their new album has gone the way of pop (check out the "oh wee oh oh" chants in the chorus of this 1st single). Now, I'm not gonna go off like other bloggers calling for their head. It's still an OK song. We'll see about the rest of the album when it arrives at the beginning of April. For some better Thermals, see "A Pillar of Salt" off their last one or "How We Know" off the one before that...

M. Ward - "Never Had Nobody Like You" (featuring Zooey Deschanel)

Quick to capitalize on the success of She & Him, Ward's 1st single is a rehash of the same formula. Not Bad.

The Von Bondies - "21st Birthday" & "Pale Bride"

What happened to these jokers? After Pawn Shoppe Heart, the best thing they did was land the theme song for Rescue Me and a punch in the face from Jack White (literally). What a beat down! Said something about his mother being low class.....(not really. That's Mallrats. "Brodie: You're giving up? You? You used to be stand-up guy, what happened to him? The guy who punched Amanda Gross's mother after she called him 'low class' ")